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Wool Pillow Reviews and Facts



Wolly pillows are filled with soft felted clusters of wool fibers. Due to the fact that the oval-shaped bits of wool are airy as well as fluffy, you will actually find that this loose fill is going to give you thicker loft and a slightly springier comfort feeling than the pillows filled with wool batting.


For you to be aided if a wooly pillow is the best natural pillow is the one that's right for you, read more below:


A wooly pillow feel dense with the subtle springiness. If in case you like a pillow that feels still and comfortable than the ones that are bouncy, you will definitely like the comfort of such natural pillow. This will also give you a medium to firm support which will cradle softly your neck and head, which is best for side and back sleepers.


One of the best things of wooly pillows is on the fact that you can customize its loft. This is also made with zippered cases for you to remove or add the wool fill in order to make your pillow feel thick or flat on what you wanted.


Such pillow will also compress over time, which then makes it feel a little flatter, but not really that hard and flat as a wool pillow which is filled with wool batting. It is very important to remember that you could add more fill for it in order to increase the fluffiness of the loft.


Another thing that's best about wool pillow is that it will offer good thermal comfort. You also could sleep on this pillow all year long without even feeling over heated. This in fact is because wools have an ability in absorbing and evaporating body moisture and the excess heat. This also stores and releases warmth evenly without ever making you feel hot or cold.


Moistures don't really like to hang on wool fibers. This in fact wicks it that keeps the inside of the pillow dry. Dust mites in fact doesn't like it. They are more drawn to warm, dark and moist places. You also need to make sure that you wash the pillow cases for every week so you could keep the dust mites away from the outside of the pillow.


See to it that you avoid washing a wooly pillow here. This actually is because washing this will change the comfort that results to less springy textures.


Rather than washing the said pillows, you could protect it from dust and sweat through pillow protectors and also pillow cases.


However, if you find it necessary to wash the wooly pillow, you need to be sure that you follow its care instructions in order to get the best results.